What we are doing now!

Our school has classes from standard play group to standard VIII.  Now, we have 168 children. Out of which  72 are of Differently-abled Children (Mentally Challenged Children, Down’s Syndrome, Autism, Hearing Impaired, Cerebral Palsied, Slow Learner,etc.) and 96 are normal children  including under privileged children.  Differently-abled Children are treated with equality along with the normal children and they are taught in the same class. After class VIII we have facilities for those interested candidates who want to continue their studies through NIOS.

Our teachers and volunteers are highly qualified and professionally trained. Presently we have 16 Special educators & regular teachers, 2 counselors and 4 volunteers. The teachers are also given training on time to time basis. They are highly dedicated in their service. Our teachers pay regular visits to the houses of all the students and especially the special children. The aim of home visits is to make the parents also a vital part of the whole education system. Our specially trained teachers also provide guidance to those teachers who are appointed to teach normal students, so that from time to time they can too take care of special children. We in Tagore Foundation follow the Montessori Method of teaching.

Apart from regular teaching classes all children both the special and normal children are given training in dancing, singing, stitching (especially girls), art and craft, etc. We have recently included karate classes in our syllabus. Our children regularly participate in different cultural functions taking place with the school as well as outside the school. To make our children more sensitize to our society we make trips to nearby villages where our children get to witness the village life.

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