Our History

How and when did we start?

Ms. Srabani Banerjee (Sengupta) was determined to make her daughter- Adrija who is a Down’s syndrome child, self dependent and empowered. Henceforth it was her utmost desire to work with children with special needs. One Sunday afternoon while she was engrossed in her thoughts, she felt that as a woman she must contribute something back to the society. She thought of sharing her experience of being a mother of a special child with those parents whose children also needs special attention. But before she started her endeavor, she got herself trained in learning disabilities and educating mentally challenged children. She is of the firm belief that all children are born with some special qualities.

The journey started in 2001 with a few children aged within 2 years. It was then named as “LITTLE HUT”. On 24th December 2008, the name of the School was changed to TAGORE FOUNDATION SCHOOL, KOLKATA and was registered as an NGO. The children were taught through Montessori Method of education. The school from the very beginning, had children both with special need and normal children. The journey began with some help and aid from wellwishers. We tried to create awareness among parents who had special children about the benefit of sending them to an integrated school. Gradually it took a pace and now we are currently providing quality education to almost 198 children.